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            Linda Severn, IHP, HHP, BS, MNST


"I did the 21 Day FM Detox and followed Linda's Nutrition and Activity recommendations (I had to get up to 10k steps first, she called it 'Foundational'), and went from 5'10" and 225lbs to 205lbs in 21 days.  After the Detox, she set me up with new activity challenges, a food plan, and we tweaked it when I hit a plateau.  I'm down to 195lbs, have gotten my steps over 10k a day, and have finally experienced the 'exersize high' I had heard about! Still have 15lbs to go, but I know I will get there!  Never eaten so many veggies in my LIFE!" Sam W.

(Day 1 of FM Detox)                            (Day 21 of FM Detox)

Free Assessments via Dr. Cabral's website

If you are uncertain where you want to begin in seeking Balance, or simply want to do some self-exploration while waiting for our consultation, Dr. Cabral has offered some free assessment tools on his website here 

(because Yes, he is that awesome :) )