Severn Integrative Health

 Holistic Balance  using the best of  Modern Knowledge and Ancient Wisdom

            Linda Severn, IHP, HHP, BS, MNST

"Nothing is Learned in Perfection." LJ Severn

Welcome to Severn Integrative Health, a virtual office to meet the needs of my clients locally and across the globe.

My practice is about assisting you in attaining Balance.  A body that is out of Balance can have many, lingering ailments, from weight issues, disturbed sleep, muscle or GI Tract pain and inflammation...the list is extensive and can often be chronic and debilitating to the body, mind and spirit.

So whether you are looking for an Integrative Health Practitioner to assist you in weight loss and balancing you gut, following Dr. Cabral's DESTRESS Protocol.  A Nutrition/Life Coach to get you set up with a Food Plan and Daily Activity Goals.  Or a Spiritual Councilor to help you along your Path...

Welcome, may I assist you?